Our Story

Mot Bistrot was born from an idea of Claudio Antonini.

As a child I loved experimenting in the kitchen, studying not only the recipes, but also the alchemy of a well done shopping. Over the years I have traveled globally, tasting the flavours of a wide variety of dishes and tastes in every country and in every market. A deep and passionate journey that led me to evaluate the flavors of well known lands, considered “poor”, through different eyes: the pork from Alto Adige , the trout and the goose from Friuli.

All this evolution took place together with my working life because in the meantime I studied economics and that was my job up to the age of 43. Mot Bistrot for me is much more than a passion, it is the desire to reconstruct an authentic atmosphere, where you can eat well, drink quality wine and feel good with others. Starting from those who will be pleased to serve you. I am waiting for you!

Claudio Antonini


Claudio Antonini


Ivan Lembo


Martina Rodanò

Floor staff

Francesco Genovese

Floor staff

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